Is addiction a disease?

WHO THE FUCK CARES! Honestly this is the dumbest debate I’ve listened to in a long time. And the fact that so many people are so passionate about it not being a disease is concerning. It’s literally the most unproductive thing one can be passionate about. So addiction is considered a disease who cares, it changes nothing in your life. When you wake up in the morning and go about your day the fact that addiction is labeled a disease changes nothing about your day.

And stop with all the Bullshit argument, well it’s a choice not a disease. So people with lung cancer due to smoking isn’t a disease because that’s a choice. Heart disease. Forms of diabetes. All that argument does it make you sound dumb and really shows your true colors. Let’s be real the reason you are so passionate about it is because you want to built yourself up by looking down on people. That’s it. No other reason why this is such a huge debate.

So while you are sitting there at work looking forward to Friday night so you can go out and have beers with your friends, or while you’re crushing some Budweiser arguing about how addiction isn’t a disease and how calling it a disease isn’t fair to cancer patients (yup i already know your next argument) think about this. That cancer patient you feel so bad for, you think they are sitting there getting chemo all pissed off because addiction is considered a disease and so is cancer? Or do you think just maybe they don’t give a fuck about it and instead really just want to beat cancer and live life with friends family etc. Stop using others misfortunes and problems to push your bullshit narrative that is only a thing because you want to make yourself seem so much better than someone who struggles with addiction. Stop trying to tear people down to make yourself feel better about you.

I do believe addiction is a disease, and there is a scientific reason for it, but I’ll let you do your own research. Honestly if anyone reads this that disagrees with me you aren’t going to do the research. You’ll read a meme that helps push your narrative and then continue to go own arguing your point to make yourself feel better. And honestly I don’t give a shit about your opinion or trying to change it. Because just like my original argument it doesn’t fucking matter. I’m just hear to rant because all these holier than thou Facebook warriors out there trying to argue this stuff piss me off. Grow up. Take a look in the mirror and try to do something to make your life better, try doing something productive. Rant over


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