Word press help

So I’m doing this on my phone at the gym but the computer isn’t much different I can add to this with pics of the computer screen when I’m home.

To add a picture

Hit that blue plus sign. Then it’ll bring up the pictures saved on your phone just click the pic and hit the insert button on the bottom right and it will add it where ever your cursor is.

On the computer it depends on what version your using. I use the block editor one which separates paragraphs into blocks it’s easier for me but if you like to use the old version can do that.

This is what the desktop version will looks like. That plus sign up top is to add a pic .

It’ll bring up this screen. And you just pick whatever you want. So if you want to make a special quotation box click ” or if you want to add a picture click image.

Then it’ll bring this up. Upload means it’s saved on your computer. So it’ll bring up you file explorer and just find whatever folder it’s in and add it. Or media library so any pics ppl used before will be in the media library. So when i take pics at the blue coats game I upload them to media and then Jake can use whatever he wants for his article.

Then to publish and copy a link

On the app

Top right there is a publish button hit that

Then it will publish and click view

It’ll bring this up and then click that little square and arrow button in the top right

So I have an iPhone so just hit copy and it’ll copy the url and just paste it to wherever you want to share.

On the desktop laptop version it’s a lot easier

Click publish in the top right. It’ll ask you if you are sure click publish again

Then this screen will pop up. Click copy link then share where ever. So for like twitter just paste it into the tweet.

Once your a contributor you just have to make sure your in yellow jacket site. It’ll have an option in the top left that says switch sites. And whatever site you are on will be right above that. So as long as it say yellow jacket or might say feel the buzz as soon as you publish its goes right to Yellowjacket network.com

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